Welcome to the GIT server of the Faculty of Computer Science of the TU Dortmund

Access Authorization

Students and employees of the Faculty of Computer Science are entitled to use the service. Registration takes place via the faculty mail account.


After the first successful login, you can start to create repositories. The storage space of your repositories may not exceed 2 gigabytes.

Add Collaborators

You can add collaborators to your repository under Settings. All persons who have successfully logged on to the Git server at least once are available.


The SSH and HTTPS path to a repository can be found on the respective repository page. In order to use the SSH path, you need to add your public SSH key in your account settings.

Complete your e-mail address

Unfortunately, the mail address for your account will not be supplemented by its domain name automatically. In order for notifications of the Git server to reach you, please add the domain part (cs.tu-dortmund.de) to your address in your profile.